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Flexible engagement models to suit your needs

We at Synoverge demonstrate flexibility and innovation in our approach towards the commercials and pricing strategy with our clients. As the client realizes the benefits of our services in terms of efficiency and cost optimization, the value provided far exceeds the cost of the services.

Pricing and Engagement models at Synoverge are innovative and flexible to suit the needs of the small and mid-sized market based on their budgets and cash flow requirements. Based on the short-term and long-term needs of a client, the engagement model is worked out with the clients during the initial stage of the engagement without leaving any room for ambiguity and any hidden costs hence eliminates any pressure on the client’s cash flow or budget.

Being a right-sized and right-skilled organization, client engagement experience is unique and enriching for the clients as adequate personal attention is given and quality output is delivered. We work in a collaborative mode with the clients to ensure that stakeholders are aligned to the engagement in terms of their expectations and output on an ongoing basis thus building a long term relationship.

We offer industry standard and flexible engagement models:

  • Fixed price model
  • Time and Material model
  • Dedicated development center model
  • BOT Model
  • Hybrid model

In its simplest form, these engagement models can be applied to any client scenario. However, it is recommended to link it to the development approach that is being implemented for a given project:

Sprint based Agile Development: In a Sprint based development approach, you get a team of professionals who are deployed in the project / contract. This team can be scaled up and down, and the sprints of the team can be defined based on the work load and milestones.

Phase wise Iterative development: Out here, well defined iterations in terms of phases are defined and the project is developed in a phased approach. These phases or iterations can be developed as fixed price projects and have the normal development cycle for each phase.

Fixed price Waterfall development model: For some of the straight forward projects, our traditional waterfall model suits the best. In which case there is a clear scope, cost and time-line for the project, defined at the start.

SLA based on-going support and maintenance: We provide proper implementation of services in a specific period of time and a dedicated support team for a set of applications or infrastructure to be supported remotely. This can also be provided on a shift basis where 24/7 support is required.

Activity based research projects: These projects are based on initial feasibility study. It is highly unlikely that these projects can be executed as fixed price. Most likely these projects will be activity based.

Consulting & Assessment: During the initial stage of engagement with our clients, an assessment might be required to assess the current IT portfolio and technology needs and also to come up with the recommendation and IT road map. These consulting assignments are typically charged on an hourly or credit basis.

Pricing models designed for your convenience

The pricing models are defined based on the factors like project timeline, team deployed, expertise needed, development approach, budget and cash flows. Typical pricing models are mentioned below. Specific and flexible models can be worked out with the client during the initial stages of engagement.

Pricing models offered are:

  • Milestone based payments based on the milestones defined in the contract
  • Monthly billing for defined services in a month is based on the team and expertise
  • Payments linked to profit or benefit realization which include incentive based payments - A certain percentage of the payments are linked to defined parameters of achievement. This helps in managing cash flows
  • SLA based payments
  • Hourly Consulting pricing
  • Credit based consulting and assessment for initial engagement
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