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Improve business performance, reduce costs and increase profits.

In today’s tough business climate, organizations are making increasing use of Business Intelligence Systems and their underlying Data Warehouses to facilitate taking favorable business decisions and improve business performance, reduce costs and increase profits.

Business Intelligence Systems are no longer nice to have, but have become essential to business success. These systems are now being used not only for strategic and tactical planning, but also for driving day-to-day business operations. To meet increasing customer demand for more advanced Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing capabilities, enterprise solution vendors are adding sophisticated Business Intelligence technology and features in their products.


6 critical BI challenges faced by an organization

The importance of data today has changed from just a collection of facts and figures to a mission-critical asset, that can be leveraged for better business decision-making. The key to this leverage is analysis. For eg: Dissecting sales figures, segmenting customers, identifying trends, etc.

However, the IT systems running businesses today are optimized for operations: entering orders, checking inventory and tracking purchases. The result is an “Intelligence Gap”. Organizations must overcome this "Intelligence gap" when reacting to significant market changes. The epicenter of these market changes are the customer, the competitor, or the environmental forces that influence either or both of them. Broadly speaking, organization face following challenges with respect to their BI needs:

Defining an appropriate Information Model
Information overload
Fragmented investments in BI initiatives
Measuring ROI on BI initiatives
Possible impact of existing Enterprise Architecture
Selecting the best-fit BI product to address organization’s BI needs and structured implementation of the Information Model defined.


Select and implement the right Business Intelligence solution, with Synoverge

Synoverge believes that Business Intelligence Systems will make organizations more sensitive towards external environment changes in this ever-changing market scenario. In turn these systems help to detect such changes at an early stage and therefore can be acted upon sooner.

BI systems enable the decision makers to react in real time to these changes by providing access to critical information, which is largely fragmented at the departmental level in most organizations.

The plethora of existing IT applications as well as choice of tools available today leaves organizations overwhelmed as they seek to implement BI solutions.

Synoverge’s consulting led BI service offerings are designed in a way to help organization harness the power of underlying data and select the right BI strategy within the organization. Synoverge offers right mix of Consulting and Implementation services in BI:

8 ways in which Synoverge helps you improve your business performance

  • BI Readiness Assessment
  • BI Architecture Design
  • Information quality and management assessment
  • Information architecture development
  • Identification of best-fit BI solution for an organization
  • BI Tools consolidation assessment
  • Designing a CEO Dashboard using Balanced Scorecard for a small & mid-sized organization
  • BI Implementation Services
    • BI Framework Implementation
    • Custom BI Development
    • BI Tool Migration
    • Data warehouse and Data Marts development
    • BI Application Management and Support
    • Analytical reporting and back-office support.

Synoverge offers end-to-end services across BI Technology spectrum:

  • ETL (Extraction, Transform and Load): Microsoft and Oracle
  • Data Warehouse / Data Marts: MS SQL Server and Oracle
  • Analytic Engines: Microsoft SSAS, SAS and Oracle
  • BI Application and Information Delivery / Reporting and Dashboards: MS SSRS, SAS and Oracle
  • Information Security: SSL, SSO, PKI
  • Metadata Management
  • Database: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.


Why choose Synoverge

Synoverge’s in-depth BI experience across technologies and Proprietary Frameworks coupled with experienced resources and implementation methodologies offer many benefits to your organization for an effective BI Implementation.

7 ways in which Synoverge can benefit you

  • Optimize the cost of information management and decision making
  • Access to standardized dashboards and solution frameworks
  • Free-up organization bandwidth from analytical and back-office support activities
  • Achieve process improvement as the implementation progresses
  • Strategic partnership with BI and Data warehousing tool vendors
  • Transform the BI usage from Report Generation to a Predictive Analysis