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Custom build your application by leveraging best practices and techniques

Despite the availability of various products, tools and frameworks, there are several business requirements and scenarios, which can be best dealt by building a custom bespoke application based on the business process described by the business users.

Synoverge through its Center of Excellences around specific technologies like Microsoft and Open Source; implements the industry standard development methodologies, techniques and processes to successfully deliver bespoke development projects around the critical factors of Cost, Time and Quality.


7 hurdles you face when custom building applications

Application quality risks since the application is custom build for specific requirements and not based on a proven and tested platform
Understanding and translating the business processes into clear specifications
Application development overruns
Cost Vs Features trade off decision
Ongoing support and maintenance
Application documentation
Selection of a right technology platform for the development


Get 15 years of technology experience to work on your project

Synoverge offers to take up the entire Bespoke Application development end-to-end and work through the various phases and iterations as needed by the project. Following are the various services / phases that are covered during the development cycle.

We cover the following areas during our development cycle

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Technology Selection and Architecture Design
  • Development (Waterfall, Iterative or Agile)
  • Manual and Automated Testing
  • System and Integration Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support and Maintenance

Following are our technology expertise for the Bespoke Application Development:

  • Microsoft Platform Desktop and Web Applications (.Net, C#, Share point)
  • Open source (PHP, Joomla, Drupal)
  • Database (Oracle, SQL Server, MY SQL, PostgresSQL)
  • Rich Internet Applications (Flash, Flex, Silverlight)

Extensive object oriented concepts are applied to implement different architectures for the application:

  • Distributed SOA architecture
  • N Tier application architecture
  • SaaS Architecture
  • Smart Client Architecture


Why choose Synoverge

  • Well defined and flexible industry best development methodologies and processes to suit your needs
  • Technical excellence and best practices by our Center of Excellence around specific technologies
  • Ongoing project reviews and visibility to bring clarity in Scope, Timeline and Cost
  • Collaborative approach towards application development
  • Clear communication channels with all stakeholders
  • Focus on application quality from end user's perspective
  • Ongoing support for applications from the support team


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