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Are you having trouble implementing a suitable ERP strategy for your business?

Due to the customers' need for continuous innovation along with consistent operational efficiency, implementing an enterprise-wide solution can not be a one time activity. As the processes change to meet current challenges, as the customer organizations expand across several geographies, as their products and services portfolio gets enhanced to address new and changing consumer demands; all these changes should be reflected in the enterprise solution.

Consolidation, Migrations, Application Integration and Upgrades happen as organizations grow and undergo mergers and acquisitions. Our experts at Synoverge work with you right from the initial assessment study to product consultation to implementation and roll-outs across geographies (including localization), version upgrades, integration with other systems, and production support in order to ensure the smooth functioning of your enterprise systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of a company’s information systems. They can standardize and integrate all of your business processes, as well as facilitate collaboration between you, your customers and business partners.


8 major roadblocks in an organization’s growth

In today’s constantly changing economic scenario, organizations need to do much more than just adapt to these changes; they need to be skilled in accurate forecasting of the change and prepare and respond proactively. This requires effective alignment of the organization’s philosophy, its people, processes, data, and technology in a manner that effectively enables organizations to keep pace with the current business scenario, while preparing for the future changes.

Lack of adequate support and skill-sets to identify and implement the right ERP solution for your organization
Creating a business case for such a program in the first instance.
Issues related to technology change management and resistance to use ERP in organizations
Leveraging the existing technology investment to converge with new technology platforms.
High maintenance cost of old technology applications leads to profitability crunches
Scalability of ERP Software while protecting the initial cost of ERP implementation.
Leveraging the concepts like hosted environment and managed services to reduce the TCO
Vendor Support & reliable services are other challenges being faced by the SMB segment customers.


Assess and Implement the right enterprise solution with Synoverge

Synoverge’s ERP services are based on the industry best practices and properitory tool and methodologies. We at Synoverge firmly believe that ERP is not a technology project; instead it involves business processes management, change management and program management skills.

In line with this, Synoverge’s Enterprise Solution Group offers end-to-end services right from ERP strategy formulation to development & deployment to maintenance & support of the chosen enterprise solution product.

Broadly, our services offerings are categorized in two categories to meet the needs of various segments of the client organization.

A) Assessment and Advisory services: To help executive management, CIOs and decision makers take appropriate decisions for their business and IT needs.

B) Implementation, Rollout and Support service: To help CIOs and IT team run the IT organization and be business centric.

Our assessment offerings help organizations identify business challenges and develop an ERP strategy and roadmap:

  • Business Process Standardization (BPS)
  • ERP Strategy and Roadmap Preparation
  • Due Diligence for Application Support
  • ERP Audit
  • Upgrade Assessment

Our implementation services enables customers to deploy an ERP solution aligned with their business objectives:

  • End-to-end implementation
  • Global Rollout
  • Upgrades and consolidation

Our outsourcing offerings ensure a 24/7 post-implementation support to the implemented ERP solution:

  • Application Support and Maintenance
  • Shared Support Services
  • Enhancements, Customizations and new Report development


Why choose Synoverge

  • Industry specific business blueprints and best practices to shorten the implementation cycle time
  • Strategic partnership with the packaged application vendors to get the relevant insights into product roadmap and garner necessary technical support in time.
  • Experienced pool of functional and technical experts
  • Take the comprehensive ownership of the entire solution (right from product selection to business process mapping to conference room pilot to rollout and support)
  • Product specific implementation and support processes and frameworks
  • Your ideas get energized as you are assured of a team which listens deeply, interprets correctly and solves the problems precisely.