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Behind every trouble free system, there is quality testing

In today’s scenario, with heterogeneous technologies now converging to create products and applications with footprints on diverse platforms, testing is even more significant and challenging. That is why we believe that specialized testing services can ensure more efficient utilization of limited resources and enhance business value, allowing you to focus on core business processes.

According to a leading market research firm, software defects found in production cost four times as much to fix as those found during system testing and two hundred times as much to fix as those found during requirements definition.

Synoverge understands the value of independent testing on parameters of applicability, functionality, and scalability - for enterprise IT solutions, applications as well as products. Synoverge offers testing services that help you deliver high quality business solutions. When you partner with us, you leverage our in-depth experience in test methodologies and defined processes. Our testing teams will work closely with you from the requirements analysis phase. Our domain and industry-focused testing services can ensure that your IT applications meet growing business needs with high performance and availability. With standard operating procedures and mechanisms you can detect issues early, leading to a better stakeholder and end-user experience, with lowered costs and complexity. Our ability to adapt to changing scenarios also ensures that you have access to the right teams when you need them.


6 critical issues faced by an enterprise while testing

Creating different test environments for different platforms and devices
Creating real time scenarios during the testing efforts to ensure all the possible scenarios are tested
Anticipating the load on the applications in the production and test the robustness and scalability of the application
Security gaps in the application leaving them vulnerable
Inappropriate skill sets to visualize the user needs from usability standpoint
Incomplete understanding of the business process, test scenarios and functionality during testing


Add quality to your testing with Synoverge

Synoverge provides a wide range of testing services which helps you focus on your core business operations, leaving the quality compliance issues to us. Our testing services are not only meant for applications but also for application upgrades, products, product upgrades and enterprise solutions.
In addition Synoverge has a proprietary approach for setting up Managed Test Centers for addressing comprehensive testing needs of a client.

Synoverge approach to fly clear

  • Test Strategy: Preparation of test plan and test cases for different phases of the application / implementation
  • Development Testing: Functional testing (Black box & White box testing), Tool based Test Automation, Integration Testing, Compatibility testing
  • Deployment Testing:Usability testing, Performance testing, Load and Scalability testing, Regression Testing
  • Reporting: Preparing Test reports and Bug reporting
  • Enterprise Testing: We also undertake functional and business process testing for the enterprise solutions like Oracle apps, MS Dynamics and customized enterprise solutions
  • Security Testing


Why choose Synoverge

  • Investment in QA during earlier phases of development to get a complete understanding of the testing needs.
  • Limited dependency on the developers for the testing and thereby optimized utilization
  • Reduced post deployment surprises and support costs through independent verification
  • Faster Implementation cycle leading to acceptability by the end users and best use of their productive time
  • Identification of process/ other product improvements possible
  • Accurate feedback on your product/application performance and quality
  • Improved product/application reliability enabling increased accountability and control
  • Application/Product performance on various different platforms and environments