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Legacy Migration from VB to .Net(1$ per LOC)

VB which was a very popular development environment is on its way to become obsolete. The applications in VB are now listed in the legacy applications space. With no support from Microsoft on this platform it will be necessary to migrate these applications to the newer platforms like .Net. Like any other legacy migration VB 6 to .Net migration has some common and specific challenges.

Common Migration Challenges:

  • Leveraging the investments already made in the applications
  • Achieving Key Success Factors for the migration
  • High cost of migration
  • Meeting the faster turnaround needs
  • Maintaining the key business logic

Specific VB 6 Migration Challenges:

  • Vanilla Migration can lead to loosing the benefits of the latest features of .Net
  • Source code structure is neither linear nor multitier
  • Defining the best strategy to migrate by using a combination of tools and techniques

Synoverge Approach and Value proposition:

  • Spend more time in the initial stage in preparing the best strategy
  • Use the right mix of tools, templates and techniques
  • Well defined governance structure to manage the program
  • Focus on the architecture and non-functional aspects of the applications like scalability, usability, security and maintainability
  • Focus on the Key Success Factors

Our past experience and the approach can help you optimize your migration cost to as low as 1$ per LOC. Of course, this assumes that the current application is to be migrated without any functional enhancements!

To know more about the migration approach and any other specific queries please contact at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will provide you an initial free assessment based on a simple questionnaire.

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