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Until now, Business Intelligence was seen largely as the domain of large organizations, yet small and medium businesses can benefit greatly from BI tools. It is easy for rich businesses to empower their users with Business Intelligence solutions, however, the small and medium businesses have certain challenges to be addressed while making BI an integral part of their IT ecosystem. The challenges mainly revolve around high TCO of BI solution, finding the right BI solution that fits into business requirements and finally high cost associated with consultants to maintain and support BI.

Success of business decisions depends on the quality of underlying information and BI tools help answer questions such as who are your most profitable customers and products, and what impact a particular event may have on cash flow and earnings over the next five years. With BI tools, small business owners can better understand the drivers of profitability and perform what-if analysis on various scenarios such as opening a new branch, developing and launching a new product, penetrating new markets etc. They also ensure that your business performance is measured and monitored by the right drivers - giving you more insight into what helps and what hinders your business success. BI tools are not merely used for reporting financial performance but they also report operational performance, and are extremely valuable in isolating process efficiency problems.

CEO Dashboard for SMEs

Synoverge has a BI and Analytics framework in place which can pull data from operational systems and data warehouse to generate balanced score card based KPIs and can report the same. Snoverge aXiom™ is a solution centric platform designed for SMEs looking at business transformation initiative across business functions. aXiom™ integrated business intelligence capabilities helps SMEs to enhance their competitiveness by accelerated decision making and higher operational efficiencies. This helps top management get one single consolidated view of the business organization. The framework has pre-defined set of KPIs useful for CEO of any small & mid-sized organization. Synoverge can help SMEs integrate this framework with their existing transactional systems and define and implement industry specific KPIs.

CEO Dashboard

Salient Features of Synoverge BI Dashboard:

  • 360 degree view of business performance
  • Plug & Play Facility to various environments
  • Easy to navigate through drill down features to provide a top – down information flow
  • Flexibility of defining KPIs of various functions and business aspects on-the-fly
  • Built on proven technology platform

As quoted by Drucker "What you cannot measure, you cannot manage". So, for effectively managing strategy and performance, balanced scorecard is a proven methodology. Scorecard gives a snapshot of the present business operations and a sense of where they are headed. Dashboard provides a visually stunning presentation of key business data in real time, with powerful drilldowns to underlying data.