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Synoverge Lotus Notes to Sharepoint Migration Framework

Any legacy modernization effort has to go through commonly identified phases before the actual migration effort begins – Understanding the current application landscape, considering solution options and the constraints the solution must meet, deciding on the best-fit solution, and choosing the right strategy for such a migration. The actual modernization process requires planning and preparation, followed by solution implementation, leading to a completed migration project.

Completed Migration Project

The adoption of SharePoint as a collaboration platform, and as a central repository for all things document, has made it necessary to move Lotus Notes applications to the SharePoint platform. We describe below the elements of such migration, within the general migration framework described above.

The Assessment Phase focuses on its goals of understanding the existing SharePoint Infrastructure, Lotus Notes Application Portfolio and user base. The key activities that should be performed are - ranking the notes Applications in the order of their complexity, and recognizing those applications for which SharePoint may not be the right solution.

Infrastructure Study

Applications will be classified in three groups – Easy Fit, Custom Fit, and No fit. Have a look at the diagram below to understand the differences.

Easy - Fit

The diagrams below depict the different phases in the Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration project, and activities in each of them.

Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration project



Lauch and Govern

Synoverge Transformation Framework provides a large number of tools that speed up decision making, partial or full automation of parts of process activities, ready templates for data collation, reference and evaluation, checklists for testing and ready training plans.