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Connected to Crop

Connected to Crop

Brief about the Client

The client is a well-known US-based consultancy that provides agricultural and financial advice to farmers. They have been serving farming businesses and requirements for over 40 years and have a strong presence in the United States’ mid-west sector.

Business Overview

Most farmers lose money on their farm because their predictions about weather, crop prices on the market, and other factors are virtually always wrong. Farmers hire a consultant to help them reduce their risk of losing money by investing in the future and developing strategies for doing so.

Business Challenges

Global economic variables such as fluctuating commodity prices and trade issues, as well as the reality that a crop can be damaged by weather, insects, or disease, complicate a farmer’s commercial decisions. In addition, there are challenges such as planted crops, cost capture data, planting and sowing data, and production projections and actuals.

Outcome and Benefits

As a result, farmers can see the Account summary, which allows them to keep track of their whole operation’s financial health. Before making a final choice on marketing, use this visual tool to assess how it will affect the business. A visual aid for tracking output and % sold in comparison to insurance and hedging positions.

Tools and Technologies

iOS-Swift 5.0


Php native & Code Igniter, Backbone JS, Doctrine, SOLR,

Beanstalk Queue, Angular

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