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Course Delivery System

Course Delivery System

Brief about the Client

Employees of educational institutions, commercial enterprises, and government organisations in the United States are trained through online compliance training courses provided by the client. Our client has been using online compliance training to assist firms all around the world establish ethical, inclusive, and safe workplaces since 1997

Business Overview

Discrimination prevention and Sexual harassment, diversity awareness and inclusion, uncovering implicit bias, lawful hiring, data security and privacy, workforce management, campus compliance, ethics, wage and hour, performance management and hiring, safety and violence prevention, and learning management systems are among the topics covered by the company’s online compliance training courses for supervisors and employers.

Outcome and Benefits

Individual course content includes huge graphics, flash, and video files (MP4), among other things. The particular course is about 100 pages long, and the customer expects 15,000 concurrent users in the following years. Although the old content delivery system was functional, its scalability was limited. Our client also has a number of IT applications that assist with operations, administration, and content distribution.

Project Development Results

The Course Delivery System was subjected to load testing with a goal of loading the system with 10,000 users. However, the existing programme could not handle a load of 1000 users. We made recommendations based on the load test findings to fix performance bottlenecks and increase the system’s ability to serve a larger number of users at the same time.

Tools and Technologies

Visual Studio 2013

C#, .NET 4.5


IIS 7.5/8.0

Jquery & AJAX


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