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Health and Insurance

Health and Insurance

Brief about the Client

One of India’s major insurance companies wanted to create a mobile app that would advise and assist its clients in obtaining the different advantages of their insurance policy by taking substantial measures toward bettering their health.

Business Overview

Health insurance company wanted to developed a mobile application which help their customer’s to preventing illnesses reduces healthcare costs significantly, particularly when it comes to tracking one’s health on a regular basis and which can guide and help their customers to avail the various benefits of the insurance policies by taking the significant steps in improving the health.

Business Challenges

The main challenge in the application to integrate mobile app with wearable fitness devices and fetch the data from the device and manage into mobile application and maintain and manage health insurance and generate alerts.

Outcome and Benefits

The development and integration efforts were minimised by establishing a wearable SDK, which increased new users by 10% in a month. There are a lot of nice reviews in the app store, thus the app’s rating has improved. Integration with other services, such as the top online medicine provider and online consultation with a doctor, gives users with additional alternatives from a single location.

Tools and Technologies

iOS-Swift 5.0

Fitbit, Googlefit, HealthKit, Samsung



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