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Insurance Solution

Insurance Solution

Brief about the Client

One of India’s largest insurance companies, with a revenue of INR 1000+ crores with numerous LOBs like as Home, Travel, Rural, and Commercial, each with multiple products. With several offices across India, the company has a robust centrally controlled business process flow that runs from consumer engagement to insurance issuance.

Business Overview

The client is devoted to raising awareness regarding Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment due to the nature of the business. The corporation continues to make concerted efforts to raise awareness and foster an exceptional EHS culture among its stockholders’ living quarters and environment.

Business Challenges

The Portals & Collaboration practise helps clients get the most out of existing and future investments and efforts in the areas of Portals, Enterprise Content Management Systems, Enterprise Information Management Systems, Messaging and Communications, Collaboration and Social software.

Outcome and Benefits

Cost-effectiveness and access to the right abilities (the best of both worlds), Existing monthly licence fees should be eliminated. Switching to the most up-to-date and proven technology in a short period of time, all while adhering to cloud standards Switching to a new programme without losing data is simple and painless. To handle outdated data workflow, advanced process workflow management with versioning is used.

Tools and Technologies

Microsoft .Net 4.5 Framework



Oracle 11g 64bit

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