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Interview Management Platform

Interview Management Platform

Brief about the Client

The leader in the United States has a unique portal that controls and monitors the technical screening life-cycle in real-time mode for clients, candidates, and experts, including self-assessment, group video enabled interviews, and ATS connection.

Business Overview

The main focus of this interview management system is on dealing with applicant interviews, records, and so forth. In addition, the system displays all of the candidate lists, reports, and question sets that are available. This will generate a report for future use, detailing each contender’s total points as well as any further remarks given by the candidate.

Business Challenges

Due to the lack of non-functional needs such as significant logging and error handling, support and troubleshooting are extremely challenging. The code base has grown over time, and the maintenance of the coding standard has been hampered by many upgrades and revisions. Because there is no clear data service application, it is difficult to publish platform data for mobile applications.

Outcome and Benefits

Redesign UI/UX and refactor code in .Net, Implement modern architecture and design practice blocks. Implement non-functional design blocks like logging, exception, caching etc., Replace the custom JavaScript template engine with Angular framework, Application Services to allow and expose platform data to Web & Mobile application, Design code structure to enable maximum re-usability in Mobile application development. Auto code analysis setup for continuous monitoring of code quality.

Tools and Technologies

Azure Cloud & Services

Angular & Bootstrap 3


Web API 2


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