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Screening & Background Check Services

Screening & Background Check Services

Brief about the Client

For Screening & background check services, company in the United States has used a third-party site. The client wants to rebuild the solution so that it can be used to create a single portal with a variety of background check services and ATS interfaces.

Business Overview

Usability and a modern user interface , Remove any external reliance and Easy upgrades with your own solution External screening is simple, and ATS and HRIS applications and services are available. Reduce the time it takes to bring a new service to market. NFRs have a lot of meat on them: security, auditing, logging, validations, and exceptions. All services are available through a single platform.

Business Challenges

The external product is required to manage and process the many services that are given. – Ongoing costs, limitations on extending functionality for a specific need/change – unrelated to the client’s workflow, deteriorating UX Different portals for clients, researchers, and administrators are producing a lot of challenges with user management synchronization. The current application’s user interface and user experience are not up to date or device friendly. Turnaround time for any enhancements is lengthy – a major constraint based on the client’s requirements, Product Vendor Dependency – highly limited and restricted. There is no single gateway for back office personnel, therefore they must utilize two separate portals to process transcript and background check service orders.

Outcome and Benefits

The layout is consistent and device friendly, with a modern UI/UX. Modern architecture and design practice blocks should be implemented. Implement non-functional design elements such as logging, exceptions, and caching, among others. Integrations will be able to use API endpoints exposed by Application Data Services. Setup automatic code analysis for ongoing code quality monitoring.

Tools and Technologies

Azure Cloud & Services

Bootstrap 3 & Angular

.Net Core 3.1

SQL Server

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