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Self Vehicle Inspection

Self Vehicle Inspection

Brief about the Client

One of the India’s auto insurance companies wants to create a smartphone application that would assist its customers save time for the renew policy to self-inspect their vehicles.

Business Overview

When a consumer demand for a renew policy for an insurance, the consumer must wait a long time for the survey, which requires the surveyor to come to the customer. Once the survey is completed, then client gets a policy. For this circumstance, the customer desired the cost and time to be as low as possible.

Business Challenges

It is necessary to select robust mobile technologies capable of handling car inspection videos and images for all consumers. Furthermore, the customer’s video and photographs contain a few criteria for inspecting the automobile.

Outcome and Benefits

We have offered a hassle-free and rapid turn-around option for clients to renew existing policy through mobile phone from any location. The user no longer has to wait for a surveyor’s availability to check the car, which saves time and money.

Tools and Technologies

iOS-Swift 5.0




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