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Smart Water Filters

Smart Water Filters

Brief about the Client

Customer is from India and has worked in the water industry for over 20 years. They are a market leader in industrial and commercial water filtration and provide a wide range of water filters.

Business Overview

They are driving in the modern and business water cleansing and giving different sorts of water channel. Their point is to help in further developing the water quality and give the better health. The significance of this initiative in terms of human health depends on excellent water.

Business Challenges

The customer’s challenge was to reach out to consumers in a more effective manner, give multiple data points to monitor water quality, and find a means to quickly resolve any difficulties that a customer could have. .

Outcome and Benefits

Visitors can now see the filtering process on their app’s dashboard, and they may simply contact the support staff with any questions or issues and receive a timely response. With AWS, the solution was auto-scalable, and historic data was kept for machine learning and future implementation, as well as real-time data, which provided the most up-to-date filter data.

Tools and Technologies

iOS- Swift

Android – Java



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