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Brief about the Client

Our client offers complete consulting and information technology services to the insurance and surety industries. Substantial expertise in the surety market, insurance corporate finance, and insurance-related system development.

Business Overview

Our client has extensive experience in the surety market, insurance corporate finance, and the creation of insurance-related systems. They digitally integrate the surety world by facilitating seamless communication among and between obliges, principals, and sureties. Their network facilitates all types of surety bonding.

Business Challenges

It does not allow for customization or adjustment depending on business requirements. Inadequate reporting capabilities and access to information stored in the system. The inability to respond and address problems in a timely manner is hampered by a lack of knowledge. There is a heavy reliance on hardware capacity to support increased user loads.

Outcome and Benefits

Productivity is boosted by optimising the code and database, which increases the pace of work. Opportunity for improvement by improving the present product and expanding its capabilities by introducing new features. Improved business flexibility, agility, and openness to change. improved decision-making capacity based on reporting and BI skills Customer satisfaction with services has increased. Improved processes and execution

Tools and Technologies

C# .NET4.5



SQL Server, Web API

Windows Azure


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