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Mortgage Vendor Management

Mortgage Vendor Management

Brief about the Client

Our customer in the United States provides appraisal management and other services in more than 50 nations. They assist their customers in increasing productivity by providing more efficient real estate information solutions.

Business Overview

They intended to expand their offering to mobile, which may help with business process automation and workflow customization. They assist their client with expanding usefulness by conveying real estate data arrangements all the more effectively.

Business Challenges

Identifying which vendors are essential to their business. Carrying out risk evaluations, they are aware of their vendors and maintaining a record of all papers and data. We tailor our due diligence demands to each vendor’s specific needs.

Outcome and Benefits

Apps for iOS and Android were created to allow appraisers to easily access engagements. For the following stage, review and change the category-by-category ordering. Schedule an appointment and attach any property-specific papers to the order.

Tools and Technologies

iOS- Swift 5.0

Android – Java



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